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A 40-week double-blind aripiprazole versus lithium follow-up of a 12.

Not all bipolar medications are created equal, and finding the rht bipolar drugs for YOU may be a long and difficult journey.

ABILIFY® aripiprazole Bipolar I Disorder - Adjunctive

Here at we have had our own struggles with bipolar drugs.

Long-term use of bipolar drug questioned -

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(Health.com) -- The growing use of a popular drug in the long-term treatment of bipolar disorder is based largely on a single, flawed clinical trial that may be steering doctors and patients away from drugs with a more established track record, a new review published this week in the journal "PLo S Medicine" suggests.

I am a bipolar case who is taking Lithium 1500 mg and abilify 5 mg. I.

In bipolar disorder, after remission from an acute episode of mania or depression, a person is at an especially hh risk of relapse for about six months.

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